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You Run A Business.
We Protect It.

In a recent study, more than 70% of small to medium sized businesses stated that they are not prepared to respond to a cyber-attack. Take action today.

Protecting Leading Brands

Simplifying the process to identify and address cybersecurity threats and business requirements for small to medium sized businesses.

When you partner with Valor Cybersecurity, our team will design a tool-agnostic cyber protection plan customized for your business needs.

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The 2022 Digital Risk
Report for Leaders

A FREE resource to help you and your business tackle digital risks head on

Securing a complex web of people, processes, and technologies is one of the greatest challenges facing modern businesses today. Proactively managing these risks requires strategy, technology, innovation, and prioritized execution.

Valor Solution Set

Cybersecurity protections aligned with the growth of your business


Achieving cybersecurity or data privacy compliance is a critical step in protecting data, increasing customer confidence, and enabling your business to scale.


Security Leadership-as-a-Service

Whether assessing your organizations unique risks, developing security plans, running tabletop exercises, or having a team of cybersecurity experts on your side, leading organizations turn to Valor.


Service Options

We understand that there is no one-size-fits all solution to the problems we’re working to solve, and we know your needs are unique to your business.


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What People Says About Valor

What People Says
About Valor

Chrystie C.
Chrystie C.
Chief Operations Officer (COO)
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"We decided to work with Valor team because we were concerned about ongoing risks to our business….and the required need to protect data of our customers. Although we did some things well to protect our business, we were surprised at the many things we were not doing. The process Valor went through to understand our unique business, and then the written solutions presented by Greg and Jeff, made us feel informed and quite secure."
Kyle. P
Kyle. P
Chief Compliance Officer
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“The approach that the Valor team took straight-forward but thorough, allowing us to make key decisions and be able to train our operational folks in a focused manner. These requirements are being addressed and our team all knows their responsibilities going forward. The Valor team was instrumental in getting us here and we are thankful for this partnership. We would highly recommend Valor if you are looking for a team of experts to help you tackle complex cybersecurity challenges.”
John S.
John S.
Director of Partnerships
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“We can now use the Valor assessment report to better tell our security story to insurers, vendors and partners, to prove that we are doing our due diligence, and be more proactive to protect our business from growing cyber threats. The approach that the Valor team took was refreshing because it didn’t focus just on the tools and technologies we use, it was focused on our business and how aspects of our business could be improved by using cybersecurity practices. We now feel more prepared and have an improved state of mind to plan for the future. We would highly recommend Valor.”


with our rapid cyber threat assessment