What Would Happen If You Lost $115,123 Today?

2,200 Businesses Are Hacked Each and Every Day

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What Are You Doing To
Ensure You Are Not Next On The List? 

Assess Your Threats and Recieve Expert Guidance

Business Leader,

This is the EXACT service that we wish we had before…

A cyber-attack took down our founder’s, Greg Tomchick, business. 

It was devastating.

We know running a business is demanding a requires all of your time. 

Thats why we made sure this assessment takes a minimal amount of your time. 

We want to make sure you havent missed anything, 

and that you arent spending too much on security. 

We despise unnecessary costs.

Everything you need to make informed decisions to protect your business. 

The simplified answers you need to navigate the digital future.

With peace of mind.

Don’t wait for something bad to happen before you take action. 

Don't Just Take
Our Word For It...

Energy Systems Group

Chief Compliance Officer

The Valor team brought a team of knowledgeable experts who knew our Department of Defense (DoD) requirements and how to tailor them to our business operations. Not only was the project on schedule but we also received actionable takeaways that we can use across our entire business.

After discovering Valor's past track record of working in the DoD space and also what they have done in other regulated Industries, it became apparent they were the right team for this initiative.

Klett Consulting Group

Vice President, Government Business

As a small business, this was critical to our decision-making. We decided to push forward with Valor and their service has been top notch. We now receive weekly updates on the progressing cybersecurity requirements, weekly tips to keep our team informed, and a team who we can ask questions as they come up. With the many unknowns of cybersecurity going forward, this is all we can ask for. We feel more certain and protected in our company's future when it comes to protecting our data and compliance risks."

Our clients start their journey with confusion, a hunch that they may not be fully covered, or even a false sense of security, they stay because they get continuous actionable insights to make informed decisions, allocate resources wisely, and build a robust cybersecurity strategy for the company’s continued growth and success.

A few reasons to assess your business:

What They Say


John Smith
John SmithCEO
Read More
Since partnering with Valor, our business has been completely secure from cyber threats. Their expertise in cybersecurity is unmatched, and we can now focus on growing our business with peace of mind.
Michael Brown
Michael BrownCTO
Read More
Our company's security was compromised before we found Valor. Thanks to their proactive approach to cybersecurity, we haven't faced any major incidents, and our customers trust us even more.
Sarah Johnson
Sarah JohnsonCOO
Read More
I used to worry about data breaches and ransomware attacks. But after implementing Valor's cybersecurity solutions, I sleep soundly knowing our sensitive information is safe and protected.
Jennifer Lee
Jennifer LeeFounder
Read More
The team at Valor understands the unique cybersecurity needs of businesses. Their tailored solutions gave us the confidence to navigate the digital landscape securely.
Mark Thompson
Mark ThompsonOwner
Read More
As a small business owner, I was skeptical about cybersecurity investments. But after an eye-opening consultation with Valor, I realized the importance of protecting my data and haven't looked back.
Laura Adams
Laura AdamsCFO
Read More
After implementing Valor's cybersecurity solutions, we experienced a significant reduction in security incidents. Their continuous monitoring and response saved us from potential disasters.
David Martinez
David MartinezManaging Director, PQR Consultants
Read More
Our business reputation relies on safeguarding our clients' sensitive information. With Valor's cybersecurity services, we can confidently assure our customers that their data is in safe hands.
Emily Roberts
Emily RobertsIT Manager
Read More
Cyber threats are constantly evolving, but so is Valor's approach to cybersecurity. Their proactive measures and quick response times make them an invaluable partner in this digital age
Peter Lewis
Peter LewisOperations Manager
Read More
We were a victim of a cyber attack once, and it was devastating. Ever since we partnered with Valor, we haven't faced any security issues, and their guidance has been invaluable

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