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Greg Tomchick

Partner, CEO

Improved cybersecurity enables economic sustainability, protects individuals’ right to privacy, and further improves the ways we live and do business. We are committed to working with industry leaders to bring this state to reality.

Born in Concord, MA., Greg Tomchick attended Florida State College and Old Dominion University before being selected in the 27th round of the 2015 MLB June Amateur Draft by the St. Louis Cardinals. A six-foot-four-inch right-handed pitcher, Tomchick played for three seasons in the minor leagues before deciding to pursue his other passion, running a software development company he had founded while earning his Bachelor of Science in Business at the Strome College of Business.

Unfortunately, Greg’s company was the victim of a vicious cyber-attack that crippled the business, damaging its reputation and profits, and forcing its eventual closure. That’s when Greg decided to embark upon a career in cybersecurity with the intent of helping other business leaders secure their most valuable assets from the dangerous and evolving cyber threats they face.

After conducting more than 200 cyber threat assessments for organizations across government and the Fortune 50, Greg co-founded Valor where, as Partner and CEO, he is more committed than ever to helping professional sports organizations, private equity firms, and other digitally evolving businesses to bolster their cyber defenses. Through his unique lens as a former professional athlete, entrepreneur, cyber-attack victim, and cybersecurity expert, Greg and his team are particularly focused on identifying and mitigating cyber threats up front, and, when necessary, countering cyber-attacks with a targeted and strategic set of responses.

Greg and his team at Valor know that the cyber threat landscape is constantly changing, and that only the most informed, nimble, and prepared organizations will remain secure.

Industry Credentials

Personal Drivers

With the ever-evolving cyber threat, businesses must strike the balance between security and company strategic objectives.  I know this all too well, as my first successful business venture was hit with a cyber-attack years ago. This event forced me to make tough decisions on whether to continue my dream or close down the business.  Ultimately, doing right by my customers and closing the business was the best decision at that point in time, but this encounter has never been forgotten. I have used it as fuel over the last 6 years when navigating the complexities of business-focused cybersecurity.

Today, at Valor, I have the great opportunity to take these experiences and relentlessly strive to empower business and societal leaders to tackle their most challenging cyber threat and business requirements through providing understanding and action.

Valor, at our core, represents having courage during times of adversity. Valor aims to deliver organizations we partner with the courage they need to face cyber threats head on.  The ultimate measure of our success is the enhanced business resilience and security of our clients.   

There is no better time in history to be on this mission with Valor.  As technology continues to advance, data points and technologies multiply by the second. Business leaders are increasingly reliant upon having systems and information available, in real-time, to make informed decisions.  Combined with increasing complexity in data privacy and protection laws, business leaders need a trusted partner who can provide them translated and actionable risk guidance. 

It is for these reasons, that Valor relentlessly pursues a stronger and more secure tomorrow.