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Your Career at Valor

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Valor represents bravery in the face of great danger. Our passion and work drive the courage to tackle risks head-on.

At Valor, we help our partners minimize the dangers of cyber threats while making informed decisions around cyber and enterprise risks. Our goal is to help you grow, create, change, and make a meaningful impact, all while maximizing your business’ resilience.

Core Values

People First

People are the center of our business success. Technology propels our expertise.

Service Excellence

Our team strives to serve our partners with excellence, delivering them successful business outcomes.


Our people and processes are prepared to meet your evolving business needs.


We strive to always do the right thing, for our employees and our partners.


We are accountable for our actions. We take pride in keeping our partners up to date with relevant cyber risks.


We know our audience and strive to make complexities simple.

Simplify Cybersecurity With Us

At Valor, we partner with leaders in business and society to tackle their most challenging cybersecurity threats and business requirments, all while turning those efforts into their greatest competitive advantages.

Our expertise combined with a collaborative, risk-based approach, empowers leaders to build stronger, smarter, and more resilient cybersecurity programs that scale at the pace of business growth. We provide answers to the business risks surrounding malicious cyber threats, privacy and security challenges, workforce shortages, shifting compliance mandates, and complex system implementation initiatives.

This combination of solutions and expertise has made us a trusted partner to many of largest and most exciting companies in the world.

Since our founding, Valor has been committed to building a culture among our employees and partners that encourages collaboration and creativity. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to the problems we’re working to solve. This requires us to deeply understand the unique needs of each partner, and it pushes every member of our team to challenge the status quo and aggressively search for the best possible solution.

Together with our partners, we are creating new approaches, solutions, and ideas that are changing the world of cybersecurity and risk management for the better.

Meet Our Leaders

From the Department of Defense to the Fortune 50, the Valor team comes from a variety of backgrounds, bringing unique perspectives and experiences to every project.  Meet our leadership team to learn more about how we work.

We're Hiring

Join the Valor Team

The Valor team is tackling some of the biggest and most impactful challenges that humanity is facing this decade. Join the team and start or elevate your career in a cutting-edge field like cybersecurity, data privacy, business continuity, and more.

Why Work With Valor?

At Valorr, we take a different approach to work and life, culture and individual prosperity.

You’ll do important work

Cybersecurity and Data Privacy are the most feared and detrimental risks that organizations face today. You will have the opportunity to help business leaders turn risks into competitive advantages.

Our people are the best

Our team of passionate experts, with decades of combined experience and thousands of practice hours, work diligently to secure business environments; therefore restoring economic sustainability.

Unparalleled Opportunity

Combining our solutions and proven expertise, has made us a trusted partner of many of largest and most exciting companies in the world. On a daily basis you will have the opportunity to impact millions.