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Leveraging Data Protection Strategies For DoD Cyber Compliance

Organization Seeks Advisory Services for CMMC Compliance to Secure and bid on DoD Contracts, Ensuring Adherence to Enhanced DFARS Requirements

In seeking both continuation of existing DoD contracts, and the desire to bid on new contracts, the organization sought advisory services which could provide clear understanding of the CMMC model; to include its various compliance layers, contract verbiage and implementation controls required to meet the enhanced DFARS contractual requirements.

Client Advisory

After rigorous competition, the defense contractor chose their strategic partner, in Valor, due to their extensive knowledge and proven track record of delivering compliance readiness. Upon onboarding, the Valor team rolled up their sleeves, and dove headfirst into understanding the client’s business environment, as well as any specific assessment goals and objectives.  Additional consideration was given to the desired Cybersecurity Maturity the organization was seeking, in alignment with the CMMC model. Valor interviewed key stakeholders from Contract Personnel, Senior Leadership, Legal, and System Engineering, to fully map how data flowed throughout the client’s environment.

Gap Analysis

During these discussions, the Valor team performed thorough due diligence in determining which systems were necessary to store, process, collaborate, and transmit controlled unclassified information (to include FCI).

Through continuous collaboration and numerous feedback cycles, Valor was successfully able to narrow the in-scope data environment and provide a holistic gap analysis against CMMC cybersecurity standards.  Core Gap Assessment components included but were not limited to deficiencies across organizational cybersecurity policies, control safeguards, and information security governance.

Recommendations Roadmap

To close these identified gaps in alignment with CMMC 2.0, Valor has recently provided the contractor with a prioritized and risk-based road map, including both near and long-term security enhancement strategies. The goal of this current stage is two-pronged:

Ongoing Partnership

Valor believes in helping its partners achieve successful business outcomes.  As such, the Valor team is currently partnering with this client to develop and implement the defined recommendation strategies.

CMMC Readiness Assessment

Valor works with IT MSPs and their clients to help them achieve greater confidence in this changing environment, with the necessary risk information to make more informed investment decisions. Our Cyber Due Diligence Assessment provides you and your team with the insight you need to build a strong, sustainable cybersecurity program, internally and across your portfolio.

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