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December 3, 2021 @ 11am ET Cyber Risk: Back To The Basics Workshop

Cyber Risk Management continues to get more complex as business systems and data flood into your organizations environment. Our experts simplify and provide prioritization to you and your team can remain focused on what is most important. 

About the Webinar

Historically, information security has been looked at primarily as a compliance effort. But this approach to security can be costly and inefficient. Instead of rushing to comply with regional regulations like the NYDFS and CMMC, using an industry-respected framework to build a unified security program can reduce costs, effectively manage risk, and support compliance initiatives without duplicating efforts.

In this webinar, Greg Tomchick, Valorr’ CEO, and Jeff White, Valorr’ CSO, discuss practical ways organizations can leverage the basics to build an enterprise-wide, cybersecurity strategy.

Designed for business executives and leaders, this conversation looks at how a coordinated security strategy can help you:

Meet the Speakers

Greg Tomchick, Partner & CEO

Greg Tomchick is the visionary behind Valorr and values delivering strategies and insights to business leaders across the globe.

Jeff White, Chief Security Officer

Jeff White serves as Chief Security Officer for Valorr and leads our various assessment teams.

* The information and guidance expressed by Valorr representatives may not directly apply to your organization. The information provided is delivered for the sole purpose of educational guidance.  Each business environment and its associated risks are unique to that organization and as such tailorized recommendations are provided on a case by case basis.