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On Demand: DoD CMMC Readiness Delivered

A practical look at how to use the previous security efforts and capabilities to align with upcoming DoD Cybersecurity requirements.

About the Webinar

Historically, data privacy has been looked at primarily as a compliance effort. But this approach to privacy can be costly and inefficient. Instead of rushing to comply with regional regulations like the CCPA and GDPR, using an industry-respected framework to build a unified privacy program can reduce costs, effectively manage risk, and support compliance initiatives without duplicating efforts.

In this webinar, John Doe, VP of our Data Privacy practice, and John Doe, a Director in our Risk Consulting group, discuss practical ways organizations can leverage the NIST Privacy Framework to build an enterprise-wide privacy strategy.

Designed for privacy, audit, and compliance professionals, this conversation looks at how the NIST Privacy framework can help you:

Meet the Speakers

Jeff White, Chief Security Officer

Jeff White serves as Chief Security Officer for Valorr and leads our various assessment teams.

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