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The Future of Cybersecurity Teams: Crowdsecurity

An expert look at how cybersecurity teams can leverage crowdsourcing concepts to advance their security programs

About the White Paper

Insufficient budget and a lack of cyber talent plague CISOs and security leaders trying to keep up with the rapid pace of technological change. These issues hamper compliance, derail DevSecOps practices, and increase risk to the business. But how can security teams address these problems without the right budget or skillsets? By rethinking how they use their budget and where cyber talent comes from. In this white paper, we examine the idea of “crowdsecurity,” which applies crowdsourcing concepts to cybersecurity challenges. Crowdsecurity can currently be seen in action in bug bounty programs, but its approach can be applied to even more areas within in the industry. In this white paper, we cover:
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Jane Doe | Manager, Cyber Defense

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