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Valorr supports those that support the warfighter. Our team is made up of former government contractors and military executives that understand the challenges and obstacles faced when it comes addressing the risk it poses to their business, customers, and reputation.

Cyber Risk and the Defense Industry

Addressing security risks and complying with lengthy contract requirements have always been apart of the Defense sector. With a remote workforce, massive quantities of defense-related data are being stored and accessed in the cloud, websites are replacing brick-and-mortar locations, and new compliance mandates are putting increased pressure on defense contracting companies to maintain world-class data risk management programs.

Solving Your Biggest Challenges

We understand the complex operational, compliance, and IT risks inherent to the financial services industry and have built a suite of services to help you solve your toughest risk management challenges.

DFARS Cybersecurity Readiness

With constantly evolving defense acquisition requirements, leading organizations depend on Valor to self-assess and drive cybersecurity maturity to get ahead of the competition and comply with updated requirements in real-time.






Valorr completed a baseline security controls analysis and gap assessment of industry-leading defense contractor in just under two months.



The scope for this readiness assessment.

Different from the Rest

At Valorr, we take a different approach to managing business and cyber risk.

Proven Defense Expertise

Valorr has worked with some of the largest government contractors in the world - from international weapons dealers to domestic IT service providers to operational readiness trainers.

Innovative Services

Valorr's experts specialize in understanding emerging threats, new attack vectors, and innovative solutions to help you build smarter, better cyber defenses.

Compliance Experts

Valorr specializes in industry regulations like CMMC, DFARs and ITAR as well as leading privacy and security standards, helping to streamline compliance and strategic initiatives.

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