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Cyber Workforce Development

To develop a more resilient and capable cyber nation, we must have a highly-skilled cybersecurity workforce across industry and government. Valorr is committed to helping organizations build a comprehensive cybersecurity professional capability. Valorr has tool, resources and opportunities available to drive the cybersecurity workforce forward. 

Developing the Workforce of the Future

Effective cybersecurity workforce development helps organizations more efficiently and effectively recruit qualified cybersecurity professionals, and to provide this critical workforce with clear job descriptions and development opportunities. Valorr has the resources to help organizations get – and keep – the right cybersecurity staff: The Valorr Apprenticeship Program provides cybersecurity talent the opportunity to grow their skills with unmatched on the job experience and skills, to drive the cybersecurity field forward. 

Developing Cybersecurity Capabilities

It’s not about checking a box. It’s about protecting your business and preparing you for the future. Valorr offers support at every stage, from program development to supporting technology.

vCISO Services

Rely on the collective expertise of a team with 20+ years of experience assessing and building cybersecurity programs for leading organizations in a variety of industry verticals. Benefit from frequent industry updates, actionable strategies, security expertise infused into your business operations. 


2Roadmap Strategy


Different From the Rest

At Valor, we take a different approach to implementing and managing cybersecurity.

Actionable Deliverables

Our assessment process doesn't just point out your weaknesses and the urgent need for change. It provides clear, action-based guidance for addressing key security risks and improving your overall risk posture.

Ongoing Support

We never deliver a report and leave our partners, we often stay onboard to help them implement our recommendations and mature their programs. We work hard to collaboratively help execute your strategic roadmap.

End-to-End Services

Valor provides a full lifecycle suite of services and end to end support services. We have experts in security program development, data privacy and business resilience to help you improve across all risk domains.

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