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Cyber Incident Advisory

Valor advises and assists in the response to cyber-attacks, coordinating coverage and security capabilities to minimize negative business impact. Guiding effectively during a cyber incident to minimize business impact. Download our service sheets to learn more. 

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Incident Readiness Assessment

Aging infrastructure, unsupported software, decentralized asset management, and mergers and acquisitions have created technical environments that are increasingly difficult to manage, and new privacy regulations have placed strict legal obligations on companies to secure the data in these environments. Understanding the data you have, how it is stored, and who has access to it has never been more important or more challenging. Our Incident Readiness Assessment provides you with the insight you need to build a strong, sustainable incident response program.

Valor Success Story

Delivering A Secure, Competitive Advantage To The Professional Baseball Front Office

Valor led the secure implementation of an advanced, converged security program for a Professional Baseball Team.
The Florida-based team has more than 2,000 users across 10 countries.

Week Timeline

Valor completed this assessment in just under two months. 


The scope for this global implementation.

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Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.
Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.
Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.
Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.