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Education and Training

Your people are your most reliable business protection, and if you train them on the relevant indicators of threat, they will do their best work, securely. Valor delivers tailored training, relevant to your business operations. 

Education and Training

Valor has helped hundreds of organizations build sustainable, holistic and business-relevant security awareness and training programs. Download our service sheets to learn more. 

Download Our Service Sheet

Download Our
Service Sheet

Learn more about how we:

  • Thoroughly assess relevant cyber and digital threats to your business, including your most valuable assets.
  • Interview key personnel to help us understand potential entry points across your organization.
  • Deliver an action-based security roadmap that offers step-by-step guidance for all employees to minimize and eliminate identified threats that can create havoc on your business and cost time and money.
  • Provide virtual security support from our team of experts to help protect your business and brand for generations to come. This significantly reduces the need for a full-time, high-level information security employee.

Featured Services

Cyber Training For Executives

Security awareness training is one of the keys to any successful security program. No matter how well-documented your policies and processes or how your technology is configured, human risk is still a significant factor to consider. Build a customized security awareness training program based on threats that apply to your organization. Our training programs provides you with the insight you need to build a strong and secure culture.

Valor Success Story

Delivering A Secure, Competitive Advantage To The Professional Baseball Front Office

Valor led the secure implementation of an advanced, converged security program for a Professional Baseball Team. The Florida-based team has more than 8,000 users across 10 countries.

Week Timeline

Valorr completed this assessment in just under 2 months.


The scope for this global implementation.

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Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.
Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.
Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.
Please fill out the form to download our service sheet.