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Executive Cyber Training

Your leaders drive the culture of the organization. Those that lead with a heightened consciousness on the security risks to the business will collectively protect your business for generations to come. 

Cyber Training For Executives

Security awareness training is one of the keys to any successful security program. No matter how well-documented your policies and processes or how your technology is configured, human risk is still a significant factor to consider. Build a customized security awareness training program based on threats that apply to your organization. Our training programs provides you with the insight you need to build a strong and secure culture.

Our Approach

Our trainings are built on industry-recognized threat models and years of responding to incidents in this space. We leverage best of breed to test your people in a secure environment. 

Phase 1: Exercise Planning

During phase 1, the Valorr team collaborates with you to establish the objectives and scope for your organizations exercise, as well as communication methods and a full review of existing response plans and structures. We conduct interview to develop the right, collaborative program that will make days into hours when a crisis occurs.

Different From the Rest

At Valor, we take a different approach to implementing and managing cybersecurity.

Actionable Deliverables

Our assessment process doesn't just point out your weaknesses and the urgent need for change. It provides clear, action-based guidance for addressing key security risks and improving your overall risk posture.

Ongoing Support

We never deliver a report and leave our partners, we often stay onboard to help them implement our recommendations and mature their programs. We work hard to collaboratively help execute your strategic roadmap.

End-to-End Services

Valor provides a full lifecycle suite of services and end to end support services. We have experts in security program development, data privacy and business resilience to help you improve across all risk domains.

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