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Why Valorr, Why Now?

If you are like most business leaders and executives, cybersecurity is already top-of-mind. In today’s environment of remote workforce and cloud-based resources, the opportunities for cybercrime and ransomware have grown exponentially.

Throughout my career, I have had the honor of helping secure successful organizations ranging from thriving small businesses to Fortune 50 companies.  Enabled by strong partnerships, I was able to assess and implement cybersecurity initiatives tailored to their unique threat landscape.  This business transformation process has always been fascinating to my economist mind, going as far back as my undergraduate studies.  As an outsider, going into an environment with millions of moving pieces and helping to protect the organization from cyber risks, all while continuing to serve its customers, can be a daunting task under extreme scrutiny.  To achieve this in a balanced fashion, while keeping all key stakeholders happy, you must be able to deliver prioritized, and action-based security strategies focused on what’s most important to the business, whether that be intellectual property, customer data, monetary assets or a combination of.

After successfully preforming the above close to 200 times since joining this industry in 2014, there has consistently been a common theme; that company leaders must be part of the conversation when it comes to prioritizing security and continuity of business operations.  With the ever-evolving cyber threat, businesses must strike the balance between security and company strategic objectives.  I know this all too well, as my first successful business venture was hit with a cyber-attack years ago. This event forced me to make tough decisions on whether to continue my dream or close down the business.  Ultimately, doing right by my customers and closing the business was the best decision at that point in time, but this encounter has never been forgotten. I have used it as fuel over the last 6 years when navigating the complexities of business-focused cybersecurity.

These combined experiences, both good and bad, have led to the founding of Valor. Alongside Co-founder Jeff White and the Valor team of experts, we relentlessly strive to empower business and societal leaders to tackle their most challenging cyber risks through providing understanding and action.

Valor, at our core, represents having courage during times of adversity. Valor aims to deliver organizations we partner with the courage they need to face cyber threats head on. The ultimate measure of our success is the enhanced business resilience and security of our clients.   

There is no better time in history to be on this mission with Valorr.  As technology continues to advance, data points and technologies multiply by the second. Business leaders are increasingly reliant upon having systems and information available, in real-time, to make informed decisions.  Combined with increasing complexity in data privacy and protection laws, business leaders need a trusted partner who can provide them translated and actionable risk guidance. 

It is for these reasons, that Valor relentlessly pursues a stronger and more secure tomorrow. If we can serve you or your organization, through Valor’s mission, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Until then, be bold, be courageous and pursue your goals with extreme passion.

Greg Tomchick

CEO, Valor Cybersecurity

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